Moving to

Hey, everyone! I am launching my new all-inclusive website, TIMID Studios, and I’d like you all to check it out. This will be the new official home for my short stories (Artifacts on the site), my blog, my webcomic The Garage, and all other creative works including miscellaneous comics, writings and more.

Through the magic of WordPress, I should be able to migrate all of this blog’s current followers over to the new site and you shouldn’t have to do anything to continue receiving the updates. If this is not the case (i.e. if new stuff doesn’t show in the next couple of days), please let me know. I will not be updating this current site with new content any more.

While there is some older stuff that has been moved over there already, new content will begin appearing on TIMID Studios tomorrow (Monday) or late tonight.

Thanks for reading these stories and I hope you continue to enjoy all of the new stuff!